Friday, October 27, 2006


i am unafraid
of all that is planned for me
to take on everything
i will take the life you've lived
and make it my own
i will take you with me
as i walk along

though there's so much that i don't know Jesus,
i know you'll lead me where i need to go
though my heart may bleed along the way,
with you is the only way i could ever go.

so i am unafraid
to give this life take up my cross
live my life with you in love
to walk through each day
with patience in one hand,
forgiveness in the other
i will shift blame to no one.

i am unafraid to choose what you've chosen
i am happy to stand in your shadow
and look up, there you are, My Savior
i will laugh at tomorrow.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

we will be unafraid

i am so hopeful again of things that could be
and still so afraid to make a fool of myself because of love
i don't want to forget anymore
of all i used to want to be, all i wanted to do

there is a man who can overpower these inhibitions
and do all those things, be all those things with me
there is a man who will overpower time and circumstance
someone who will win my heart and live out dreams with me
i couldn't resist him even though i try.

and he will come and we will know. and we won't tell
so fast. we will dance and learn. we will laugh and know
how love was meant to be. we will hope together, love
together, strive to make the world how it will be. together.

and we will make fools of ourselves because of love
we will be unafraid

Thursday, October 19, 2006

good and perfect gifts

every good and perfect gift is from God. in the chapel message tuesday, Dr Coppenger was talking about how love is being able to lose yourself in someone else- referring to not making 'critical' social connections and rather talking to whomever has your company- and he also said that God has given us wonderful things for his glory. i thought about this verse, that every good and perfect gift is from God. so if you take this, and apply it to new friends and new seasons of life, the greatest thing to live out is a love that loves because it glorifies God. if God has given me this season of newness, i should glorify him in it by loving both the things that he has blessed me with as well as the people and circumstances.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the way we used to be

it's the way the wind blew in our hair
the way the rain came down and we stared
it' s the way we laugh so hard it hurt
the way we never brought home our books
it's the way we believed ourselves
when we said we'd never leave
and the way we lived each day
as if it was the smallest dream
And now we remember like it was yesterday
all those things we loved and did
once together,now apart,the workday will begin
you and i are just memories of all we used to be
now our dreams of class & college begin high school all over again
pulling to go back pushing to go forward we're never satisfied until we find tomorrow.

Monday, October 16, 2006


pretty baby
one day you'll leave me
one day you'll fly
but let me hold you for a few days
let me teach you life

pretty baby are you lonely
don't forget where your home is
take it all in, learn right and wrong
don't forget truth as you run along

pretty baby
are you loving?
learn to love in truth and light
love your Savior and the Father
They send One to help you fight

Pretty baby
you're not all mine
you are not even your own

Listen for and follow the One who made you
until He leads and calls you home.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

on my mind

where do i start? there is so much that has been on my mind these past few days. weeks. months. And it seems that they have been around for years.

these days, living life is soo good. and they are better than before. of course there are troubles, but they are a comfort. they make me press on. Yes, i have been tired and busy, but it makes me rest in Jesus and refine my priorities. i get to learn what is really important. and yes, i have not been good at life, but this sobers me and i know that i cannot do any good thing apart from the only One who is GOOD. this lets me cry out Abba, Father! when i have been all alone because sometimes no one can know except God who holds me.
so what is this all about? it is about the gospel making full circle in the lives of the children of God. the gospel is so earthy. it is so real. and it is for everyone. the gospel gives me reason to sing in my heart, cry from incantescent joy because i am redeemed! and so are my brothers and sisters! and so are all those who believe in Jesus who is the son of the Only God and call upon Him for salvation, and all those who repent and obey his word.
i am encouraged by the love of the body of Christ and i am so grateful for the deep uncontainable love of God.